Episode 206 - Hot Dog Van

June 7, 2017

THIS WEEK we have a show. Well, kinda. I mean, it's a show, but it's our show and that hardly qualifies as a show at all. I mean, there are other shows. Are you sure you want to listen to this one? You can if you want, just don't expect any sort of high quality show. I mean, it's kind of high quality. Upper middle quality, really. There's content. But there's also a lot of non-ocntent. We laugh sometimes, mostly at ourselves. You can listen and laugh with us. Or laugh at us. Or not laugh at all. I mean really, it's completely up to you. I'm not the keeper of your laughter or what you choose to do with it. That is entirely up to you. This is 2017, you can do what you want. We're not going to judge you. Be free and wild! Stick your dick in a blender, we don't judge! Anyway, I digress. We have news this week and then we play the TripAdvisor Game of Shame. Have fun.


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