Mutineer Disaster Hour 25

September 15, 2018

This week! We have a very special Disaster Hour for you! Our very own Jordan Ghastly spent the weekend at Atlanta's DragonCon last week, and he's here to tell us all about it! And as a visual aid to the things he talks about, be sure to check out his DragonCon vlogs at his youtube channel: 


Episode 252 - Nobody Wants a Hooker Bear

September 7, 2018

This week on the world famous mmrrrmmr mrrtnnerrrrs prrdcrrst, we say farewell to Bug's Land, we say hello to that chicken guy, and then we make our draft picks for Fantasy....Eat to the Beat Concert Series. Guys, this is as close to sports as we get. Just listen to it.


Mutineer Disaster Hour 24

August 29, 2018

This week on the Mutineer Disaster Hour! We have a show! It's our non-Disney show! I mean come on, it's a Disaster Hour. We answer questions from Reddit and banter and hilarity ensues! Listen to it already!


Episode 251 - Open Urn

August 23, 2018

In this week's abbreviated Mickey Mutineers Podcast, we go throgh some news! News like, restaurant happenings at Caribbean Beach, a new lobby at the Swan (or Dolphin. I can't actually remember) and NEW SHIRTS from Mickey Mutineers! Seriously! Go to our website! Click the STORE button! takes you right to them! And then we breeze through some quality Disney Clickbait. Anyway, buy a shirt! And enjoy the show!


Episode 250 - Six Angry People

August 15, 2018

This week! Steve from The Day of Steve joins us for a hilarious episode where we talk advertising, Tron coasters, WiFi, and for our main topic, we argue endlessly while trying to rank the rides of Disney's Animal Kingdom against each other! Who comes out on top?! Tune in and find out!


*Mickey Mutineers was filmed by a live studio audience*


Episode 249 - Secrets and Revelizations

August 9, 2018

This week on the Mickey Mutineers All-Star Podcast Show, we talk about Pooh! No, no, no, the BEAR! And the movie he's in. Then there's some meaty food truck talk regarding Disney Springs, some Skyliner updates, and then for our main topic, we figure since the parks are already gearing up for Halloween, we talk about how we can add more Halloween into the other parks and resorts! You know, rather than just giving Magic Kingdom all the Halloween glory. So tune in and laugh along with us!


Episode 248 - Under The Category “Sex and Nudity”

July 31, 2018

This week, come listen to us play the Parental Advisory Game! This week's theme: The Disney Animatio Renaissance! Jake reads the Parent's Guide from IMDb and everyone else tries to guess the movie! Except Shana. it's like she didn't even try.


Mutineer Disaster Hour 23

July 26, 2018

This week we cover ALL of San Diego Comic-Con in 37 minutes or less!! ALL OF IT! Okay some of it. Just listen, it's super informative! Or something.


Episode 247 - “Cream Filled Spongecake” Sounds Gross

July 22, 2018

This week News! News news and new news! Lands going up! Lands going down! Doing the hokey pokey! All sorts of stuff! And then for our main topic, we take real crappy grocery store snacks, and jazz them up, theme them, and put them in the Disney parks and you're going to like them, dammit!!


Mutineer Disaster Hour 22

July 12, 2018

This week, we have another episode of the Mutineer Disaster Hour, our non-Disney sideshow! And this week on the Disaster Hour, we talk video games! Just video games in general. Which will open the door to future, more specific video game episodes! It was a good dip-our-toes-into-the-water test! Give it a listen! Nostalgiac, chaotic, and hilarious!