Episode 187 - I Really Like The Bathrooms

December 7, 2016

Not only is this week's episode on time, unfortunately it's EARLY! Jake and Josh go through this week's news, Wall and Dimitri have a thing, and we're joined by a special guest for our main segment: What the Hell Should They Do With Epcot? Tune in! Enjoy it! And say hi to your mom for me!


Episode 186 - I Don’t Agree With This Message

December 4, 2016

The episode is here! We do the news and then play America's Second Favorite Game: The TripAdvisor Game of Shame (with Bonus Amazon One-Star Reviews!) Anyway, it's a good time! Shana, Annie, and Jordan are there. Jake is there. Josh is there. You're there. We're all there, yeah!


Episode 185 - Size 44 Growler

November 23, 2016

This week on the infamous Mickey Mutineers Podcast, Josh and Jake are joined once again by Jordan, Annie, and Shana to go laugh our way through a whole episode dedicated to all the news that came out of Disney this past week, and there was certainly a lot of news! From drones to Moana, from Epcot to Pandora, we got all your Disney news needs on this episode! You know, in typical Mutineer fashion.


Episode 184 - Duck Conflict

November 17, 2016

This week we have a hell of a show for you! Lots of news stories to be had, a Just the Tip from Jake, Food Bitch shows up after a long absense to go over Epcot's holiday offerings, and then we're joined by Jordan, Annie, and eventually Shana to go over a horrible Disney clickbait article we pulled from the internet! This episode is hilarious and so much fun! Tune in!


Episode 183 - High Anus

November 10, 2016

GUYS, TIM IS ALIVE AND WELL AND BACK ON THE SHOW! He helps us through the news and some audio technical difficulties, and then the Mutineer Panel of Jordan, Shana, and kind of Wesley helps us return to a favorite segment: Rank Shit! This is a great episode. I know it. You know it. We all know it. You're gonna love this episode.


Episode 182 - Saint Bob

November 3, 2016

This week Jake and Josh breeze through the news and welcome our now-regular listener panel of Jordan, Shana and Annie to talk about Star Tours! There's a slight chance that we talk about other things besides Star Tours, but the majority is totally Star Tours. With some light Disney Trivia thrown in as well! Tune in! This one has solid laughs!


Episode 181 - Halloween Dance Party With Safari Mike and More!

October 27, 2016

ILThis week on an extra spooooooky episode of Mickey Mutineers, we discuss the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse if it broke out in Disney's Animal Kingdom! And we brought in THE Animal Kingdom expert, all the way from the Radio Harambe podcast, Mr. Safari Mike!! *CROWD GOES WILD* Then for the second half, we are joined by Jordan, Shana, and Wesley and have them throw in their strategies for zombies in Animal Kingdom. Spoiler Alert: everyone dies. Enjoy the episode and Happy Halloween!


Mutineer Disaster Hour 11

October 19, 2016

This week we have a special Halloween Disaster Hour for you! This week, friend of the show Jordan Duncan comes on to talk about his experiences being paranormal investigator with Paranormal Georgia Investigations (www.paranormalgeorgia.com) He's got some really awesome stories from doing his thing, and he kept us so interested that we went way over time and you get to hear all of it! So sit back and enjoy some spooky fun on the Mutineer Disaster Hour!


Episode 180 - Front Woodsy

October 14, 2016

Jake and Josh are back to discuss this week's news, talk about Jake's trip to California, and ramble like they do! And then, the wonderful Jordan and Shana join us to discuss differences between Disneyland and Disney World! I know it's been done many times before, but not by the Mutineers! There's also a light dusting of comic book talk in there. Very light.Totes.


Episode 179 - They’re Torturing The Recruits!

October 5, 2016

Hell, we recorded this over a week ago. I don't remember what we talked about.