FastCast PodPass Episode 19

July 22, 2017

Hello again and being welcome to episode.  Is good episode after long delaying.  I have being bery busy to podpassing.  I have a time being freedom now.  Is good, but I have to be going, I have meeting with President.  


Episode 211 - 99 Cent Podcast

July 20, 2017

This week we have a man on the street to cover all the recent D23 announcements made this past weekend! Wait... this week we have a man on the street! AND we cover the D23 announcements. But they have no correlation at all. So eff the system!


Episode 210 - Josh Taylor Willingly Comes Back To Our Show!

July 13, 2017

This week, Cool Josh from Network 1901 comes onto our show to talk about a lot of things, including his busy life of podcasting, his many great shows, and some real good dirty jokes! What can I say, we talk to Josh, and it was a real fun time. Just listen to it!


Mutineer Disaster Hour 14

July 5, 2017

This week, we try something new with something old! We jump into a typical Disaster Hour and then we bring along A TOPIC! Whoooooaaa! This week on the Mutineer Disaster Hour, we discuss the movies we think we've seen the most in our lives! And it's a fun time. So...listen to it. Also, tons of elephants really wouldn't be that many elephants.


Episode 209 - Trombones Is Burning Calories

June 28, 2017

This week, hey! We have another episode! This week we had big plans to go through an entire list of Epcot rumors, and then for our main topic of Adding Things To Rides To Piss People Off. However, the Epcot rumor list was like "Fuck you, I am the show!" But that's not a bad thing, it's a really fun and thought-provoking episode! Also Josh smells like cheese, but no one gets this far into the episode description and no one will know until it's too late. I tried to warn you. This one is on you.


Episode 208 - Animal Sounds

June 22, 2017

This week on Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus The Greatest Show On Earth, Jake talks about Lagoon! It's Utah's amusement park. The only one. Then we wrap up last week's Rotten Tomatoes Game on Cars 3 while Jake and Annie give Josh all the spoilers about the film. (heh...spoilers. Car pun...) Shana shows up at a pool, we look at a picture, and then we have a riveting round of Disney Clickbait! What happens next will shock you!...and probably stop your heart. Seriously guys, electric shocks are no laughing matter. Read more about electrical safety by CLICKING HERE. And enjoy the show!


FastCast PodPass Episode 18

June 19, 2017

Wall and Dimitri finding other fastcast people.  IS good, is goof to be good time. We love you.


FastCast PodPass Episode 17

June 16, 2017

Is time for last show.  Well, not last show, but maybes previous show.  Is good to be having thing to do.  


Episode 207 - THX Sound

June 14, 2017

This week on the mildly famous Mickey Mutineers podcast, we have a damn ass hell Mutineer potluck! We all bring a little something to the table! First we play the Rotten Tomatoes Game for the upcoming smash hit for 6-12 year olds: Cars 3! And then Jordan catches us up on all the Disney video game offerings from the recent E3. Every. Single. Offering. Jake has a stupid question, Annie has Listener Questions, and Josh doesn't have enough time. And then there's laughter. And sweet egg recipes! Anyway, does anyone read this? If you do, send help! I'm trapped in here! 


Episode 206 - Hot Dog Van

June 7, 2017

THIS WEEK we have a show. Well, kinda. I mean, it's a show, but it's our show and that hardly qualifies as a show at all. I mean, there are other shows. Are you sure you want to listen to this one? You can if you want, just don't expect any sort of high quality show. I mean, it's kind of high quality. Upper middle quality, really. There's content. But there's also a lot of non-ocntent. We laugh sometimes, mostly at ourselves. You can listen and laugh with us. Or laugh at us. Or not laugh at all. I mean really, it's completely up to you. I'm not the keeper of your laughter or what you choose to do with it. That is entirely up to you. This is 2017, you can do what you want. We're not going to judge you. Be free and wild! Stick your dick in a blender, we don't judge! Anyway, I digress. We have news this week and then we play the TripAdvisor Game of Shame. Have fun.