FastCast PodPass Episode 14

May 12, 2017

In episode of this week Wall and Dimitri go to Disneyland USA.  Is good.  Wall eat many long donut pastry. Is good time to be go.  Enjoy with Siberian Yak.


Episode 203 - Moisturization Notification

May 11, 2017

This week we have episode! We have AN episode. Whatever. Just listen to the damn thing. We cover all the news from the last week. ALL OF IT! Every bit of news that happened, don't question it! Then we bring back a classic Mutineer segment: Listener Questions! And then you won't believe what we do for our main topic! You have to listen to find out! IT WILL BLOW YOUR....mind. Just listen already!


Episode 202 - Tea Bagging a Lion

May 3, 2017

Live from Fort Asshole, we bring you this week's show! This week, we go through some of the news and rumors and happenings from the past week, we banter, we goof, Josh gets herpes, and then for our main topic, we bring back a classic Mutineer bit: Mutineer Top 15(ish)! This time, Top 15(ish) new rules for the parks! Anyway, here's Wonderwall.


Fastcast PodPass Episode 13

April 27, 2017

This week is being good week and store of Mouse Gear.  Is silly name for store, but being good for finding thign to take home.  I did not buy. Just look.  


Episode 201 - A Unique Experience

April 25, 2017

Oh hey! Welcome back. This we have we sure got another show for your! This week, Jordan fills us in on all the best parts from Star Wars Celebration, and then we plan adult Disney-themed proms in a way that only we can. So enjoy the show! Your mom certainly does.


200th EPISODE EXTRAVAGANZA!!! (AKA There’s a Dick in My Castle!)

April 20, 2017

WHY?? Why were we allowed to do 200 episodes?? Oh man. Anyway, welcome to this massive episode of the Mickey Mutineers Podcast. THIS WEEK, after lengthy shenanigans and chaos, some wonderful words of love and encouragement from our friends, and some "oh crap" moments, we are finally joined by Chelsea, Aaron from the DisDads Podcast, Zeek and Rachel from Behind the Magic, and Mike from We Be Geeks (and briefly Wesley. He's Twitter famous.) to play an epic round of Mickey Mutineers Big Ass Trivia: The Musical! It's amazing, there's twists and turns, and oh man, it was fun. Thanks for listening for 200 episodes, and welcome to Costco. We love you.


Episode 199.5 And a Half - Frothy Mug of Whale Sperm

April 11, 2017

This week, Jake, Josh, and Shana kill time to give Jake more time to plan the 200th episode extravaganza next week! So to kill time, they breeze through whatever news there was this week, and then pull a riveting round of Lawn Chair Imagineering! This week's victim: Mission Space! Then they ramble about nothing for ten minutes longer than they should have. But it's funny. At least one person liked it. Give it a listen!


FastCast PodPass Episode 12

April 11, 2017

This week is discussing new Beauty and Beast movie.  Is ok movie.  Remind me of date with first wife, mostly being locked in castle and try to escape.  With also lot of plate crashing.  Is being hope at end.  


Episode 199 - You Can’t Just Unzip a Cat

April 4, 2017

This week, everyone has herpes!! Not really, but it's a funny episode. We go through the news, and then play a wildly riveting round of Disney Never Have I Ever! And then we laugh! And you might too! I don't know, I have no idea what runs your life. Piss off.


FastCast PodPass Episode 11

April 1, 2017

Is good week for potato talk of Disney Worlds.  You like.